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Velkommen her til vores slægts-informa-tions-center.  Vi er altid på udkig efter mere af vores slægts-historie, så e-mail til mig.

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Preparation for the 2016 visit to the Homeland underway.  Hope to see you all in Denmark on the family farm.

Free email addresses for family now available through Bjerregaard Worldwide.  See the "email" link at the top of the page.




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Welcome to our family website!

This webpage was created to keep everyone updated on Bjerregaard / Byergo / Bjergo / Bjerggaard events and history. Everyone is welcome to e-mail me pictures and stories about family members. I will post as soon as possible. If you have any of the above listed ancestry, or interest in this site, you are always welcome.

A family is a domestic group of people, or a number of domestic groups affiliated by blood or by a variety of legal ties such as marriage, domestic partnership, adoption, surname and in some cases slavery as was the case in the Roman Empire. Families have some degree of kinship.



In Denmark, our ancestor, Niels Nielsen built and owned a large farm called Bjerregaard. We took on the name of our land, like most Europeans at the time. For the American's, when their ship arrived in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, our surname was then changed to Byiargor, the English phonetic spelling (pronounced Be-Air-Gore) . After arrival to Utah, the American branch of the family divided, half stayed in Utah and half moved to Missouri. The Utah family assumed the actual spelling of Bjerregaard and the Missouri family changed to the correct pronunciation, Byergo. (pronounced Be-Air-Gore and Be-air-go) There has been other family before and after, that have made other spelling changes. Most using the name of the farm as a basis.

The Copenhagen Bjerregaard's have not been linked to the Fovlum Bjerregaard's to date.

Any webpage link that you click on from this site, will open up a new browser window. That way you will not loose your place on Bjerregaard Worldwide.



Monthly photo from places that Bjerregaard's call home

December 2016

While Sonja Cole visited Utah, we had a Danish Lunch.

Photo taken by Shon Bjerregaard, December 2016

South Jordan, Utah



The oldest flag in the world comes from the oldest country in the world. 

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