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Velkommen her til vores slægts-informa-tions-center.  Vi er altid på udkig efter mere af vores slægts-historie, så e-mail til mig.

Point of interests

Preparation for the 2016 visit to the Homeland underway.  Hope to see you all in Denmark on the family farm.

Free email addresses for family now available through Bjerregaard Worldwide.  See the "email" link at the top of the page.




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  Recently received photo's

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Randi & Søren Erik were married on May 22nd 2010 in Bislev, Denmark


Søren Erik and and Søren Byrjalsen at Bislev Church for the wedding


Randi and Søren Erik's Wedding May 22nd 2010

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Anders and Charlotte Liingaard, Inger Marie Liingaard, Birthe Byrjalsen


Byrjalsen Family Gathering at Ertebølle. Denmark in the Fall 2010


Picture 1 - Birgit Byrjalsen, Jakob Byrjalsen, Karin Larsen, Stine Byrjalsen, Thomas Byrjalsen

Picture 2 - Jakob, Stine and Niels Peter Byrjalsen

Picture 3 - Marie Byrjalsen (Newest daughter of Birgit and Niels Peter)

Picture 4 - Lærke Byrjalsen (Oldest daughter of Karin and Christian)

Picture 5 - Marie Byrjalsen

Picture 1 - Lærke Byrjalsen and Inger Marie Liingaard

Picture 2 - Gustav and Marie Byrjalsen (Cousins)

Picture 3 - Inger Marie Liingaard and Jakob Byrjalsen

Picture 4 - Gustav Byrjalsen


Byrjalsen Family Gathering at Ertebølle in the Fall 2010

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Bjerregaarden back entrance February 2010


Bjerregaarden February 2010


Front of Bjerregaarden February 2010


Bjerregaarden out buildings


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Aaron Bjerregaard.  George Bjerregaard and Heather Epperson's son.  He is the reason that I have created and maintained this website.  So that my nephew will have knowledge about his family history.


Member of Niels Sorensen / Anna Nielsdatter branch


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